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Copper Sauna Bucket - 2 Rims


   4 Liters
   23 cm
   14.5 cm

We offer fine quality Copper Sauna Bucket and Ladle. These Buckets & Ladles are made from very high quality food grade raw material which ensures high durability at its user end. 

This Bucket have 2 rims in the middle, whole bucket is of Mirror (Shiny) Finish, and the center part between 2 rims have Matte (Satin) Finish.

The wood grip on Bucket and Ladle is easy to hold and use. Wooden Handles are available in Mango & Pine Wood.

Sauna buckets are used for holding water to splash on to the sauna rocks. Sauna buckets and sauna ladles help complete the sauna experience, as water sizzles steam and heat fill your lungs. The bucket and ladle endure the changes in humidity and temperature, and last longer even in everyday use.

We also provide all these buckets and ladles in various colors as per pantone shades.