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Anti Skid Dog Bowl


The outside of the dog bowl is polished into a mirror (shiny) finish. Flat bottom design can stop pets to tip the bowl over.

Rubber base prevents overflow and mess and can effectively reduce noise and skidding while your pets eats, also can protect the hardwood floor from scratch. Rubber base can be easily removed and put on. The edge of the bowl is smooth: pets are allowed to protect their mouths from injury when eating.

The Dog Bowl is made of high quality food grade stainless steel, dishwasher safe, no odor, smooth and easy to clean. It is durable and easy to carry.

These Dog Bowls are available in various finishes such us copper finish, gold finish and in various pantone color shades.

Capacity in OzTop Diameter in cmBottom Diameter in cmHeight in cm
8 Oz11 cm15.5 cm3 cm
16 Oz15.5 cm21 cm4 cm
24 Oz17 cm23.5 cm5 cm
32 Oz18 cm25.5 cm5 cm
64 Oz22 cm30 cm6 cm
96 Oz25 cm33.5 cm6.5 cm