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Stainless Steel Tiffin with 4 Lock Clips


Our Tiffin lunch boxes allows you to easily pack a nutritious lunch for you and your family. These tiffins are also great for meal planning and portion control. 2, 3, 4 layers allowing you to easily load up on healthy veggies or mid-day snacks. Best for office, school, on the road, camping or hiking.

With additional clips on top tier allows you to use this beautiful Tiffin as single layer.

Best for damp foods like, salad, pasta, sandwich, rice, etc.. Also you can put snacks, nuts according to your balance diet.

Available in various sizes.

TypeDiameter in cm Height in cm
12.5 cm13.5 cm
12.5 cm17 cm
14 cm15 cm
14 cm20 cm